JRY Free music download

The innovative internet browser JRY, downloads files, play music and videos much easier and faster and is 100% free.

Download now the newest browser for android and improve the speed of your tasks on the internet.

JRY is based on the popular core of the open source Chromium project and is therefore updated with the latest technologies for internet browsers including the popular and modern HTML5.

This is a robust, secure, fast and very stable browser, especially when it comes to viewing multimedia content such as photos, videos and even playing music.

It has been tested in different environments and devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart televisions.

With regard to free music playback, JRY provides support for commonly used files (MP3, MP4, WAVE, FLAC, MIDI, WebM, Vorbis, Opus, M4A, YT, MPA, AC3).

The JRY browser uses a combination of range requests and a memory sliding window to store media. We have a low and high watermark that is used to determine when to stop the HTTP request and when to resume the HTTP request.

To view online videos, the media you use are: AVI, MPG, MPEG, VP8, HEVC, MOV, Theora, 3GP, AMR, WAP.

As for security and privacy, JRY does not store any data from browsing sessions, it is like using a browser in incognito mode all the time, so it becomes impossible to track.

Enjoy now the best quality on your device, download JRY now.

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